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Aglonema plant

Indoor Vertical Garden

Setting indoor vertical garden and creating perfect light conditions to deliver a lush green wall. We have delivered 3000+ sqft Contact us
Diffenbachia plant

Outdoor Vertical Garden

Hardy plants planted with expertise keeping in mind weather conditions, ensuring the wall lives on for decades. We have created 5,000+ sqft Contact Us
Peace Lily Plant

Artificial Vertical Garden

No maintenance lush greens for the ones who love green, but are not kmeen on the maintennace part. We have created 1000+ sqft artificial gardens Contact Us
Aglonema plant

Non traditional vertical garden

Unique vertical garden to suit every space needs as well its architecture. We have installed 8+ walls Contact us
Diffenbachia plant

Moss Wall

Add a rich premium no maintenance feature to your indoor wall with preserved raindeer wall. We have installed 200+ sqft Contact Us
Peace Lily Plant

Wall climbers

For the budget concious customer, unique way to decorate your wall with climbing vines. Slow and steady, but effort well spent. We have done 50+ walls Contact Us

Which product is best for me?

The first choice is a direct one: whether you should be going for live vertical garden or artificial plant wall. All the concerns regarding live plant walls are pertaining to its maintenance: How do we maintain the vertical garden; what happens if the plants dies; will there be water spillage while watering; What's the life of plants;. As most of these questions unanswered, majority of customers opt for artificial plant wall which does not result in any tengible benefit other than the looks

What's the situation where we should not be using live plant wall?
Any place, where light levels are below 250 LUX should not have live plant wall. No Gypsum pillars can support live plant wall due to weight problem. Other than these scenerios, live plant wall will always be better than artificial plant wall

So, convince me how live plant wall will be easier to maintain than artificial plant wall?
The most worrisome plant for any client is the plant wall maintenance. No worries we have it covered; There are 2 types of vertical gardens: automated and manual. Automated vertical garden has a preinstalled drip irrigation system which automates the entire watering process so client doesnt have to lift a finger. We setup the watering frequency depending on the light and plant in such a way to enure 100% survival. A 2 months warranty is provided on plants, while a 12 months warranty is provided on whole system

Automated system suffers from 1 major disadvantage: Species with similar water requirement under the available lighting condition can only be used per drip system. So if we want multipe plant species, the cost increases significantly. Alternatively the client typically goes for manual watering. We train the client team with proper schedule to ensure proper survival. Same as the automated system, we provide 2 months warranty on the plants and a rate chart for plants rate at minimum cost post 2 years in case the plant dies

Alternatively, client may opt for renting the plants instead of buying or give us annual maintenance contract. We ensure proper growth and survival, as well as replace any plant that dies off, and periodically clean the plant wall

What about live moss walls? Heard a lot of good things about it!
Moss walls are simply great. Hinghly premium and provide the ultimate elegant feel. Also, the best part is no maintenance is required. Moss automatically takes water from the surroundings (recommended humidity level is above 45%). The downside however is that the cost is very high because the moss is imported from Europe.

Are there anythings that we should be keeping in mind
Just a couple of things: Lighting is the most important part in a live vertical garden's bloom. Ensure LUX levels based on the plant requirements and your plant wall will bloom throughout the year. Other important thing is to create a seperation between pots and walls to avoid moisture seepage. This is usually done by placing a MS Frame in between. It also helps lowering the number of screws required to be drilled, hence reducing the holes in the wall significantly

Can you also provide a design of what our wall would look like?
We sure do. We provide multiple designs that the user may choose from at a nominal charge of INR 1000, which is refundable in case the plant wall is developed by us

What about artificial plant wall? I still think I would go with that.
No worries; Thats the most economical option. Just take care of one thing that it will get spoilt in 2 years in case its outside directly facing the sun

indoor plant wall
indoor plant wall
indoor plant wall

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1000+ sqrfeet of artificial plant wall delivered

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