Green Gifting for creating an awesome impression

and contributing back to the nature

Gift green; Gift Life; Gift a Thought; Gift Future

Have a lookm at the list of elements we use to make a great green gift


Select from over 30 varieties of plants, ranging from simple money plant to exotic Bonsais to imported air plants and terranium


There are a variety of pots you may choose from ranging from simple plastic pots to beautiful ceramic pots to elegant fiber pots


Brand your pot with a message or your logo, and have your marketing work for you on the table of your client for years to come


A tag with the plant about its benefit and care instructions to demonstrate the thoughfulness behind the gift


End the gift with a personalized message to your client and win the hearts with your articulate green gift


And the final part is packaging. Choose from jute bag or craft paper bag and brand the same to create the impact

Do you deliver plant gifts across India?

Yes we partner with courier services to get the delivery done across India

Whats the pricing?

Our pricing starts at INR 99 and goes all the way upto INR 9999

Is there any warranty on the green gift?

Yes, we provide 1 month warranty on ceratin items

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We are based out in Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon with registered office in Jodhpur.