We have improved indoor air quality of Honda by 16% using indoor plants

20,000+ plants under maintenance across Delhi NCR, Jaipur and Bangalore

Our indoor offerings

Want to greenify your space. From design to implementation and post maintenance services, leave everything to us; No Worries :)

Aglonema plant


Rent the indoor plants and forget all your worries. We own it, we maintain it and we replace it. We have rented 20,000+ plants Contact us
Diffenbachia plant


Buy indoor plants from us. We will arrange them to ensure optimum light for all, maintain free of cost for 1 month. We have sold 10,000+ plants Contact Us
Peace Lily Plant


Exchange your dry waste like paper, newspapers, plastic, metal, cups etc with indoor and outdoor plants. We have exchanged 5000+ kg waste Contact Us

Sunlight requirement?

No rotation required. We select plants according to indoor light.

Pest Problem?

None. Watering only once a week ensures no dampness is built

Water Spillage?

None. All plants have plates below them, Care is taken to ensure no splattering.

How is my indoor air?

It has lots of pollutants. From furniture smell to paint smell to people, lots of sources, and comparable to outdoors, maybe more.

How indoor plants purify?

Indoor plants based on the light, and stomata size take the pollutants inside them, and then break it into food with soil microbes, and release fresh air

Plants give Carbon Dioxide in night?

Yes they do. However quantity is almost insignificant compared to the benefits they bring, not only in air quality but also lot of psychological benefits


What is indoor plants rental?

You must definately be using some Software As A Service. Indoor Plants Rental can be considered as "Plants As A Service". With a monthly rental charge, from delivering the plants to watering it to manuring, pruning and cleaning it, our team will take care of it. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your green office. Oh, and as a bonus, you may also opt for plants rotation with some extra investment. We will also design a complete placement chart keeping in mind the air quality parameters

Why should I rent the plant? Should I not buy the plants and maintain them myself?
You could, but typically our clients dont. Two of the major things about indoor plants is light and watering, and both are crucial. Our trained gardeners ensure that indoor plants get maintained. Typically our clients are not able to ensure that. That being said, we do provide extensive coaching to the client team for maintenance of plants, along with our gardener who will visit the client facility for 1 month to coach the client on the same.

What about pots? What options you can provide me?
You name it, we have it. We have a wide array of range of pots: Plastic, Ceramic, Fiber, Cement, Concrete, Glass, Brass, Fabric; And all may be rented. Also, client may customize any design it wants for its space.

I currently have few plants in my premises, and I want someone to take care of it. Do you provide AMC services as well?
Yes we do!

Do you do short term rentals as well? like for 1 or 2 days event?
We have this service currently in Gurgaon and Delhi only.

I am from Mumbia. Do you have any plans of expanding?
Yes we do! We will soon be operational in Pune, Mumbai, Vadodra and Ahmedabad

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We are based out in Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon with registered office in Jodhpur.