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We demonstrated an indoor air quality improvement of 16%-33% in Honda Campus by using indoor plants on various parameters such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide etc

We are Shelli, an IIT alumni startup that specializes in the science of Phytopurification: Using Plants To Improve Indoor Air Quality. We are backed by Government Of India under NIDHI EIR Scheme

Major Corporates Working With Us

We are currently maintaining more than 15,000 indoor plants across Delhi NCR and Bengaluru

Admiral Group
Marks And Spencers
Times OF India
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Effectiveness of air purification using indoor plants

How indoor plants have performed in different scenarios, in improving air quality and helping psychologically:

A research conducted by Harvard School of Health on the benefits of Green Plus buildings with low pollution levels provided the following results:

A research conducted by University of Agriculture, Oslo on the benefits of correctly placed indoor plants in classrooms providing over months of air purification showed quite promising results:

Research carried in office for 2 months on Phytopurification

In a research by University of Technology, Sydney, correct number and placement of indoor plants induced dramatic psychological and therapeutic effects:


How Phytopurification: Using Plants to purify air works:

Plants and microbes in potting mixture absorb VOCs and Gases, break them down and use them as food. Thus there are 3 important factors in phytopurification

Correct Plant Choice

Different plants absorb different pollutants at different speeds based on the size and density of stomatas.

Correct Pot Size

Pollution absorption capacities may even double if correct pot sizes are chosen ensuring optimal potting mixture exposure

Correct Potting Mixture

A significant percent breakdown of the pollution absorbed is done by the microorganisms present in the soil.

Our Products

Employing the principles of Phytopurification, we have created 6 products to fit every possible client need.

Indoor plants on rent
  • Most preferred option by our clients

Plants As A Service

Stress free office greenery

Plant rental is currently the most popular means of office greenification. We place the plants on rent, maintain them and repalce them in case of any plant damage, so that you may sitback and enjoy your green ambiance. Rent starts at INR 35 per plant per month

Small packages of happiness
  • celeberate events like new employee joining, employee birthday etc with a little package of happiness

Greener Office Tables

Better office psychology

Gifting employees a 'welcome aboard' postcard on new joining; Baloons and toffees to employees on their birthdays/ anniversaries? Why not gift something meaningful, something of delight which will bring happiness throughout the life. Buy them or rent them upto you

Green Walls
  • Watch your walls breathe

Plant walls

Your workspace comes alive

As the focus has increasingly come on wellbeing of employees, psychological and mental health has become an integral part of any company policy. Ant there is no better way then creating an urban forest with living breathing walls of happiness.

  • Creative greens for your office

Green structures for greener office

Because office should inspire

Are you an architect, or designing a new office looking for some inspiration? An empty corner in your office bothering you? Lets chat and bring your ideas to life with our new innovative green designs.

Green Gifting
  • Best Return On Investment

Green Gifting

Range starts from INR 50/gift

Select the plant, select the pot, select the packaging and select the messsaging.... And vala you are good to go. Create the most impact full gifting in the most inexpensive way. Spread the love...

  • bring your ideas to life

Landscaping/ CSR project?

Breathe life to your city

Did you know that there is a Pollution Tolerance Index which ranks trees based on their effectiveness against pollution? Want to landscape green/ thinking of executing a visionary CSR project? Talk to us and let approach this scientifically along with our partner NGOs who are more than all talk .

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