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Ayurvedic Garden

Snake Plant

Ideal plant for lobby and bedroom ₹229 Add to Cart
Home Decoration Plants

Large Areca Palm

Ideal for lobby near windows ₹699 Add to Cart
Ayurvedic Herb Garden

Dracaena Compactra

Dracaena Compactra is the ideal tabletop plant, specially in low light areas ₹199 Add to Cart
Janet Craig Plant

Janet Craig

Ideal plant for lobby and kitchen ₹199 Add to Cart
Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Ideal for bright kitchens ₹99 Add to Cart
Diffenbachia Plant


Great for lobby in good light. Highly poisonous, should not be bought if their are kids ₹399 Add to Cart
Boston Fern

Boston Fern

Good for lobby near lighted windows ₹199 Add to Cart
Areca Palm

Small Areca Palm

Ideal for lobby near lighted windows ₹399 Add to Cart
Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Ideal for lobby in okay light. Flower seasonal ₹999 Add to Cart
Money Plant

Money Plant

Ideal tabletop plant for lobby and bathroom ₹49 Add to Cart


Ideal tabletop plant to keep near windows in indirect sunlight ₹69 Add to Cart
Pallida Plant


Ideal plant to keep near windows in indirect sunlight ₹59 Add to Cart
Chinese Evergreen Plant

Chinese Evergreen

Beautiful plant for Lobby ₹379 Add to Cart
Song Of India

Song Of India

Great plant to keep near windows in indirect sunlight ₹269 Add to Cart
Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Great tabletop plant for lobby in good light. Also called lucky plant ₹199 Add to Cart
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Want potted plants to try at home?

Why not start with our beginner anti pollution plants packages. Upgrade them afterwards

Sleep Tight
  • Sleep fresh

Sleep Tight

INR 1400 999

4 Snake Plants in 2 ceramic pots in our special soil. Sweet Dreams !

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Cook Fresh
  • Cook without choking

Cook Fresh

INR 1200 899

2 Dracaena Deremensis in 2 small ceramic pots in our special soil. Yum!

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Relaxing Lobby
  • Relax and Revigorize

Relaxing Lobby

INR 1800 1399

1 Areca Palm, 2 Snake plants in 1 pot and 1 Dracaena Compactra in tabletop pot for a green and relaxing lobby. Om!

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Majestic Indoors
  • Decor that defines class

Majestic Indoors

INR 2500 1740

1 large Areca, 1 Aglonema (Thailand) and 1 Chinese Evergreen, all in white marble ceramic pots.Classy!

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Premium Tabletop plants
  • Simple And Elegant

Premium Tabletop Plants

INR 1299 999

1 Compactra, 1 Dwarf Snake Plant and 1 Jade Plant in beautiful ceramic tabletop planters

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Basic Tabletop Plants
  • Go Greeen!

Basic Tabletop Plants

INR 899 649

1 small Money Plant, 1 Syngonium and 1 Purple secretia in simple ceramic tabletop planters.

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Step 1:Let's understand what kind of pollution sources you live around.

Average time taken by our customers to fill this form is less than 1 minute. Please ensure that you complete the form so that we may generate an accurate pollution profile.

Indoor Sources

Let us know about pollution sources inside your home

Do you want your plants to be Vastu compliant?

Outdoor Sources

Let us know about pollution sources outside

How many plants do you think you can keep in your home ?

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Step 2:This section focuses on your home conditions for selecting ideal plants

Some plants are poisonous, some are bad for pet, some dont thrive in low light. Therefore help us provide you with the best combo. Fill all the choices

Choose City
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Home Ownership
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Lighting Conditions

How frequently do you rub your eyes

Do you have frequent headaches?

Do you feel fatigued a lot

Do you have Asthma?

How aware are you about indoor air pollution and its effects on health of your family?

How much greenry is there in your area?

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Summary:Here Goes; Pollution Profile Of Your Home

Understand what you are breathing. Understand the risks. Become aware.

Risk Burden

Risk Of Genetic Damage :

Risk to your Lungs :

Risk to your Brain :

Risk to your Child :

Risk to Elderly :

Risk to Immunity :

Risk Burden

Risk of Cancer :

Risk of Asthma :

Risk to Heart :

Risk to Liver :

Risk of Impotency :

Risk to Kidney :

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