Are there plants that actually protect us from radiation?

Yes, that is correct; plants do absorb RF radiation. Anything slightly conductive, especially with water in it, will absorb radiation. The amount of radiation from a computer is very low and below dangerous levels. Your wifi router is far away from you, usually. But your cell phone is usually in your pocket, and sometimes next to your brain while it is transmitting, so it transmits much more energy into you than your computer or other gadgets. A plant in the same room is not going to absorb any of the energy from your phone that goes into your head. Just for comparison, Sitting in a wifi hotspot for a year would only expose you to the same dose of radio waves as making a 20-minute mobile phone call. And thus, plants absorbing radiation may not have any practical consequences. For people, living near cellphone towers, the number of plants required to protect them from radiation in practically impossible.

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