Replacing sugar with Stevia: Natural 0 calorie healthy alternative

Have you heard of Coco Cola Life the new ultra low calorie drink?Or Purevia drink of Pepsi? All these are now using Stevia, a zero calorie natural leafy sweetener that now accounts for 40% of the sweetener industry in Japan.

So what is stevia? Stevia is a plant whose leaves are extremely sweet. The extract of the leaves is more than 200 times sweeter than the same amount of sugar. Not only that, in certain regions of South India, this plant can be grown in the home itself.

So, how is Stevia used

Freshly plucked Stevia leaves are first dried, and then directly used in hot beverages such as placing in in the tea when its boiling etc. In case, someone wants to use it in cakes etc, the powder needs to be created. As for cold beverage, only Stevia extract can be used.