Living near petrol pump? Its a bad idea

What is the greatest threat to our Prime Minister? Is it the terrorists? Is it Pakistan? Is it China? Or who knows maybe Rahul Gandhi. But what if we tell you that it may as well be the two Petrol Pumps that overlook Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official residence - 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi. So what is so dangerous about Petrol Pumps near your home?

Heard of Benzene? Its a chemical that's used in cleaning products, polishes etc. What's so special about this chemical? Benzene is one of the most deadly pollutant out there. World Health Organization prescribes no safe limit to Benzene. Even an extremely little amount is extremely dangerous. According to US EPA, 69% of the Cancer caused in non smoking population in USA is due to indoor pollution, and of that more than half is due to Benzene. And in normal Delhi's ambient air, it is about 300% the prescribed Indian limits which are at best 'relaxed'.

Then whats so different about Petrol Pumps? Areas around Petrol Pump have Benzene concentrations 1000% higher than normal Delhi or 3000% higher than the prescribed Indian limit, even reaching 100000% higher levels. And Benzene is something that one should be seriously afraid of. Benzeen in such high doses can affect the central nervous system, which can lead to drowsiness, dizziness, headaches and convulsions. It can stop bone marrow from producing enough red blood cells, leading to Anaemia. It can even upset heart beat rhythms.Women are far more vulnerable than men as exposure to benzene adversely affects their reproductive health

So how can this benzene problem be solved? Though, we have to admit that we cant provide 100% solution, but with correct indoor plants you can get an estimated 50-60% Benzene reduction in your homes. Select the correct plants for your home here:


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